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Designing Motivation for All Learners (EDEX 185)

3 Semester Hours of Graduate Credit

Course Overview

Design learning experiences and develop effective leadership strategies that promote motivation for all learners. Learn verbal encouragement techniques that reduce student risk and reinforce student effort. Discover how doing meaningful work and achieving goals supports all types of learners.

Identify key factors essential to motivation.

  • Learn how students' beliefs impact their motivation.
  • Identify personal and professional strategies as a motivator.
  • Examine leadership structures that promote both learner and teacher efficiency.

Design motivational learning experiences.

  • Design lesson plans that provide differentiated degrees of challenge.
  • Learn how worthwhile work and goal setting leads to student motivation.
  • Develop and monitor motivational support structures.

Support all types of learners.

  • Find out how students learn best.
  • Use multiple intelligences and temperament preferences to create a motivating environment.
  • Analyze and use risk management strategies that maintain student safety.

Master effective verbal skills.

  • Understand how and when to provide encouragement.
  • Implement approval, feedback, and feed -forward statements.


This course is offered through Performance Learning Systems. PLS instructors are experienced classroom teachers and possess excellent facilitation skills.




$440 (Plus a $35 materials fee)