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Community-Engaged Scholarship refers to scholarly work conducted as a reciprocally-beneficial partnership between traditionally trained "experts" and members of a community, and intended for community improvement. There are many outlets for publishing and presenting community engaged scholarship or scholarship of teaching and learning related to community engagement and service-learning, for more information on these resources, please follow the links below:

Publishing & Presenting Outlets

In addition to the impact that community-engaged scholarship can have on local organizations, communities, and students, a large number of traditional scholarship outlets also exist. An increasing number of peer-reviewed journals and professional conferences in many disciplines now feature the practice and product of community-engaged scholarship. For more information on these resources, please follow the links below.

National Faculty Awards for Community Engagement

For faculty committed to civic and community engagement, there are two major national awards

Both awards value community collaboration as well as institutional impact and honor engaged scholarly work across the faculty roles of teaching, research, and service.

Iowa & MN Campus Compact Faculty Development

Iowa & MN Campus Compact works with member colleges and universities such as Drake to help them consider the most cutting-edge approaches to transformative education that contributes to social change. This includes connecting with the latest research and models, providing consultation, offering professional development, and providing resources and support in specific key areas.

Visit their Events page to see upcoming development opportunities. 

Drake Research Grants

The Drake Research Grant offers a limited amount of funds to support activities and materials necessary to support research undertaken by Drake University faculty on continuing appointment: supplies (including animals), student research assistance, and when central to the research process, travel associated with research or creative activity.

For more information visit: 

Jimmy Senteza, Deputy Provost @

Drake Faculty Development & Enrichment Grants

Grants of up to $1,500 are available to underwrite the costs associated with a variety of development and enrichment activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Attending workshops aimed at enriching your approaches to teaching, including advanced training in the areas in which you routinely teach.
  • Attending workshops aimed at advancing your engagement in institutional leadership.
  • Carrying out research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in post-secondary contexts.
  • Attending conferences, seminars, workshops, and the like, at which you will present the results of your postsecondary SOTL research.
  • Inviting speakers, workshop coordinators, or consultants to work with a small group of faculty on innovative pedagogies.
  • Establishing or advancing multi-disciplinary on-campus programs.
  • The integration of innovative learning technologies into teaching, including the purchase of limited hardware and software.

For more information visit: 

Jimmy Senteza, Deputy Provost @

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