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CPHS Registration Bulletin

Registration Timeline
Summer and Fall 2024

Major/Minor/Concentration Changes: Monday, Apr. 1
Submit changes to your field-of-study (major, minor, concentration) via MyDrake - Student Records - Change of Record Request by this date to ensure processing by Phase I of registration.

PHASE I: Monday, Apr. 8 - Sunday, Apr. 21
Registration during Phase I is determined by credit hours earned. Temporary field-of-study restrictions placed on Restricted Courses. On your registration day, you are eligible to register for classes.

PHASE II: Monday, Apr. 22 - Sunday, Aug. 25
Temporary field-of-study restrictions will be removed from courses on the Restricted Courses list. All permanent registration restrictions will remain. 

PHASE III: Monday, August 26
Once the semester begins, students can still add and drop courses via Self Service as long as it is during the official add/drop period at the beginning of the semester.

**Students eligible for early registration are notified directly by the Office of the Registrar via their Drake email. 


Drake Curriculum (AOI) updates: As you plan for future semesters, we want to remind you that the Drake Faculty Senate recently approved revisions to the Drake Curriculum (AOI's). You will have the option to officially opt into the revised curriculum beginning this summer, and could plan accordingly for these changes beginning with your upcoming registration. The changes were outlined in a January email from Provost Mattison and can also be found here.

Registration Resources

Curriculum-Specific Registration Information

Campus Resources

Registration FAQ's

**Additional registration information is available from Drake's Office of the Registrar.

Important Forms

Common Registration Error Messages and Solutions

**Additional Registration Error Message Information is available from Drake's Office of the Registrar.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make changes to my schedule?

New features have been launched in the Self Service registration-related pages! The Registrar's Office has created a variety of Knowledge Base Articles to help navigate the new screens. 

How do wait lists work?

Beginning on Monday of Phase II, field-of-study restrictions will be removed and you may attempt to register for a formerly restricted course, provided you have met all other prerequisites and requirements for the course.  If a course is full, you may place yourself on the course waitlist; not all courses will utilize an electronic waitlist. Students may wait-list for only ONE section of a course. You cannot waitlist yourself for multiple sections of the same course or register for one section and wait-list for a different section of the same course. If you are in violation of the wait list policy, you will be removed from all course wait lists.  Wait list notification will begin after Phase I of Registration. You have 24 hours from the time the notification email is sent to log into Self Service and add the course. If you do not act upon the notification, you will be removed from the waitlist. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly if you are on a waitlist. Placing yourself on a wait list DOES NOT guarantee you a seat in the course. Seats in some courses will be held for entering first-year students until after the end of summer orientation. Seats in some courses will not become available. 

How do I repeat a course, but not the lab/discussion section (i.e. Chem 001)?

Students planning to repeat a lecture section ONLY may register for the lecture section without the lab via Self Service. For assistance with any other repeat course registration-related issues, please contact Allyssa Ruths ( and include your Drake ID along with your request.

How do I register for Band or Chorus if it conflicts with a course but I have received approval from my Music instructor to leave practice early?

Contact at least 24 hours prior to your registration day/time to obtain approval and the appropriate override.  Be sure to include your ID and the CRNs, subject code and course number along with the course title! Upon approval, you will be able to register for both classes.

How do I change/add a major, minor, or concentration?

The Change of Record Request form is available in myDrake under the Student Records section. Students should use this form to request adding or removing a major, minor, or concentration, changing a degree, or updating their graduation date.

How do I cross-enroll with DMACC or Grand View?

The cross-enrollment program provides full-time Drake students the opportunity to take a 3 credit course through DMACC or Grand View during the Fall or Spring semesters. No more than 100 Drake students may cross-enroll at each institution per semester. Cross-enrollment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must follow the proper procedures to secure cross-enrollment status for the semester they would like to cross-enroll.

How do I take a course at another institution?

If you are interested in taking a course at another institution, please complete the Transfer Credit Request Form to ensure your class will transfer to Drake BEFORE you sign up for the course. Follow the steps below to have your course pre-approved:

  1. Based on courses offered by college/university, identify which course(s) you are interested in taking elsewhere.
  2. Complete the Transfer Credit Request Form (Available under Forms on the Registrar's website.
  3. Be sure to include: What requirement you are attempting to fulfill and the course description.
  4. The Office of the Registrar will review your request and let you know if the course will transfer to Drake and fulfill the requirement you listed.
  5. Work with the institution you have selected to register for the course.
  6. Once the course is complete, request an official transcript be sent to Drake University:
    Office of the Registrar
    2507 University Ave
    Des Moines, IA 50311 

How do I sign up for an independent study?

If you are interested in creating an independent study, complete the steps below:

  • Contact a faculty member to oversee your independent study.
  • Complete the independent study form (Available at Make sure that the objectives focus on what is going to be learned, not what is going to be done (that should go in the description information on the form).
  • Once the student and faculty member have 'signed' the form, it should be emailed to the department chair for approval, who will then forward it on to the Associate Dean for approval and processing.

How do I take the language placement exam prior to registering for a language course?

Prior to registering for a language course you would need to complete the language placement exam. To make arrangements to take the exam, please contact

Common Error Messages and Solutions


Message: "CLASS RESTRICTION: Your class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate, P3, P4, etc.) does not satisfy the class restriction associated with this section."

Note: When computing a student's class for registration purposes, the systems consider only earned primary level credits. This does not include classes you are currently enrolled in or graduate classes for join degree students.

What To Do: Find a different class/section that does not have a class restriction.


There are multiple CLOSED SECTION messages:

  • "CLOSED SECTION: This section is full. There is not electronic wait list. Choose a different section."
  • "CLOSED SECTION: This section is closed, but a wait list is available. Select "Wait Listed" from the Action pull-down menu to the right and click the Submit button to add your name to the wait list."
  • "CLOSED SECTION: This section is closed and has a wait list, but the wait list is full."

Note: If it appears that there are seats remaining (in the Status column on the Browse Classes screen), but you receive a closed section message, the course may be cross listed (indicated in the Cross Listed courses tab within the Course Title). If there are not any seats remaining in the Status column, then the courses is, in fact, closed. Only some (not all) courses employ an electronic waitlist. Do not wait list yourself for multiple sections of the same course or for a section of a course for which you are already registered. If you do, you may be removed from all wait lists. Additional wait list information can be found in the Registration FAQ's.

What To Do: Find a different section that has available seats. If there is not another section with remaining seats, add yourself to the wait list if the course has one. If the course does not have a wait list, you will need to find a different course for which to register. You should also check course availability again later during the registration period. There may be some classes that open up once field of study restriction are lifted during Phase II of registration and/or as other students continuing making changes to their schedule during each registration phase, after finals grades are reported and prior to the start of the next semester.


Message: "PREREQUISITE ERROR: You have not satisfied the prerequisite(s) associated with this section."

Note: Prerequisites can be viewed by clicking on the Prerequisites tab within the Course Title on the Browse Classes screen.

What To Do: Find a different course that does not have prerequisites or for which you satisfy the prerequisites.


Message: "LINKED SECTION ERROR: This course has a lecture, lab, and/or discussion components, all with the same subject and course number. You must register at the same time for one of each of the components."

Note: Classes that are linked must be registered for at the same time. An example of a linked set of classes is PHY 011 (lecture), PHY 011 (lab), and PHY 011 (discussion). 

What To Do: Determine all CRN’s involved in the linked set. Ensure that seats are available in all of your desired sections of the course, and ensure that you have met all prerequisites and other registration restrictions. Then, try registering for all sections at the same time.


Message: "MAX HOURS EXCEEDED: You have attempted to register for more hours than you are allowed. Contact your dean's office if you have questions."

Note: Undergraduates may not register for more than 18 hours unless they receive prior approval from the CPHS Office of Student Affairs.

What To Do: Reduce your hours by dropping a different class so you can add a new one. You can request a credit limit increase by completing the 18 Hours or More Request Form on the CPHS Forms website

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