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Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee is charged with monitoring and reviewing faculty compensation policies and proposing changes as necessary.

The Committee membership and chair are chosen by the Senate Executive Committee. The terms of service will be for three years, staggered. Membership of the Committee includes seven faculty members and one staff member who also teaches. In choosing members, the Senate Executive Committee should consider such factors as expertise and representation by academic units and by different categories of faculty appointment.

FY20 Compensation Committee Report


Name Unit Term of Service Expires
Glenn McKnight AS May 2021  
Heath Henderson CBPA May 2021  
Erin Ulrich CPHS May 2022  
Mark Stumme Cowles May 2022  
Klaus Bartschat AS May 2023 Chair
Megan Brown AS May 2023  
Cris Wildermuth SOE May 2023  
Chris Snider SJMC May 2023  
Niki Smith Staff who teach May 2023  



Note: All full Faculty Senate meetings will be located in Cowles Library, Room 201.

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