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Faculty Representatives to the Board of Trustees

Faculty Representation on the Board of Trustees Committees


Board of Trustees Committee
Name Unit Term of Service Expires
Teaching and Learning Carrie Dunham-LaGree Cowles May 2025 Faculty Senate President
Teaching and Learning Jerrid Kruse SOE May 2025 Faculty Senate Vice-President
Teaching and Learning Mary Edrington Zimpleman May 2024  
Teaching and Learning Megan Brown A&S May 2024 Faculty Athletics Representative
Stewardship Teri Koch Cowles May 2024  
Stewardship Matt Bruinekool SOE May 2025  
Execution Leslie Jackson CPHS May 2025  
Innovation and Reflection Michael Renner A&S May 2024  


Upcoming Meetings 

Note: Regular Faculty Senate meetings will be held via Zoom for academic year 2023 – 2024.