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Information Technology Committee

The Committee provides coordination and advice to the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) on optimizing technology and the dissemination of information about IT plans and policies.

The Committee also works with faculty to maximize input into decision-making, including working with faculty in the colleges to ensure that college-specific educational needs and goals are met. Terms of membership on the Committee will be for two years, staggered. The Senate Executive Committee selects the Committee chair. Membership will consist of one faculty or staff representative from each academic unit selected by that unit. The CITO and the Provost are also members of the Committee


Name Unit Term of Service Expires
Malgorzata Kolotylo-Kulkarni Zimpleman May 2025  
Jamie Pitlick CPHS May 2025  
John Edwards Law May 2025 Chair
Amy McCoy SJMC May 2025  
Jill Allen A&S May 2024  
Doreen Dixon Cowles May 2024  
Leah Shepard-Carey SOE May 2024  
Abby Tillotson Student ex-officio  
Keren Fiorenza   ex-officio Acting CITO
Sue Mattison      Provost



Upcoming Meetings 

Note: Regular Faculty Senate meetings will be held via Zoom for academic year 2023 – 2024.