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University Benefits Committee

After review and approval by the Senate, the Committee is responsible for recommending employee benefits policies to the President.

The Committee is concerned with but not necessarily confined to insurance and retirement provisions for employees of the University. The membership of the Committee shall consist of four members of the Faculty of Instruction (at least one of whom should be nine-month and one twelve month contract) chosen by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and serving three-year, staggered terms; one exempt and one non-exempt staff member chosen by the All-Staff Council Executive Committee and serving three-year terms; a member of the bargaining unit; a representative of the Provost’s Office; and a retiree. The Director and Assistant Director of Human Resources, the Chief Administration Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the Wellness Director serve on the Committee in an ex-officio capacity. The Senate Executive Committee chooses the Chair of the Committee who shall be a member of the faculty. (description updated May 2017)



Name Unit Term of Service Expires
Mike Daly CPHS May 2023 Chair thru 2023
Jeremy Kidd Law May 2023  
Nate Holdren AS May 2024  
Andrew Welch Cowles May 2024  
Lee Jolliffe SJMC May 2025  
Karl Kaiser Bargaining Unit    
Jennifer Harvey Provost Office    
Elissa Johnson Non-exempt staff May 2024  
Andrew Verlengia Exempt Staff May 2025  
Maureen De Armond Executive Director, Human Resources Ex officio  
Linda Feiden Wellness and Recognition Specialist Ex officio  
Marlene Heuertz Benefits Specialist, Human Resources Ex officio  
Venessa Macro Chief Administration Officer Ex officio  
Adam Voigts Chief Financial Officer Ex officio  


Note: Regular Faculty Senate meetings will be held via Zoom for academic year 2022 – 2023.