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Change of Record Form

To request a change to your academic record, additional paperwork may be needed.  The following is a list to help you determine your next step.


College of Arts & Sciences          

See the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office, FAC 268, for more information.

Art majors are required to have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA AND at least a 2.5 GPA in art courses that students have taken at Drake.

Departments may require students to:

  • Earn a minimum number of credits in courses taken at Drake.
  • Earn minimum grades of “C” in identified courses to progress in or earn a major.

Please send completed Arts & Sciences Change of Record Request forms to


College of Business and Public Administration

See the College of Business and Public Administration Dean’s Office, Aliber 208, for more information and the necessary paperwork.

Changes to all majors, minors, and concentrations in business require a separate form.

Students requesting business majors must be a CBPA degree-seeking student.


School of Education

See the School of Education Dean’s Office, Education Building 106, for more information.

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and attend an appointment with the Associate Dean.  Please contact Debbie Dodge to schedule an appointment.

Students requesting Education as a major must be an ED degree-seeking student.


School of Journalism & Mass Communication

See the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Dean’s Office, Meredith 119, for more information.

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25.

Adding an Advertising minor requires a separate form.


College of Pharmacy and Health Science

See the CPHS Dean’s Office, Cline 106, for more information.

Students wishing to request a change of advisor should meet with the Associate Dean to discuss the request.


Drake Curriculum – Honors Track  or Honors Program

See the Honors Program Office, Medbury 206/09, for more information.

To change to the Honors Program Track of the Drake Curriculum, please complete the Honors Track form.


Download the Change of Record Form here.

To request to change your major or advisor within your current college, please fill out Sections 1 and 2.

  • To drop a second major, minor or concentration, please fill out Sections 1 and 3.
  • To request adding a second major outside of your current college, a new minor or concentration please read the process for each college above. Sections 1 and 4 need to be filled out or other forms are required.
  • To add a second program or Dual Degree: You should discuss this with your advisor before filling out Sections 1 and 5.
  • To request to transfer your records from your current college/major to another college/major requires approval and signature of the dean’s office you are transferring to. After approval is granted the new college will request your records be transferred.  You should work with your new advisor for requirements.  Section 1 and 6 need to be filled out.
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