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myDrake FAQ

Students can perform many administrative functions online through Drake's myDrake web portal.  Use the links below, organized by key word, to learn how to perform the functions online.

Note: Depending on the nature of the transaction and the date relative to the semester start and end dates, some of these transactions may not be available online.  For example, students cannot add a class through myDrake once the semester has begun.

Add a Class - How do I add a class to my schedule?

Blackboard - How do I access Blackboard to use the online component of my class?

Class Schedule - How do I view my class schedule for a particular semester?

Drop a Class* - How do I drop a class or classes (but not ALL classes) from my schedule?  *To drop ALL classes, see the Withdrawal link at the bottom of this list.

E-mail- What is my Drake email address?  How do I access it?

Enrollment Verification- How do I download a certificate that verifies my enrollment at Drake?

Grades - How do I view my midterm or final grades?

Log-in- How do I log in to myDrake?

Preferred Name Change - How do I change my preferred first name in the system, and where will that name be displayed?

Transfer Credit - How do I know if my credits from other schools have transferred? (Coming soon.)

Unofficial Transcript - How do I view my unofficial transcript?

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