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Early Registration

Student-athletes with athletic eligibility remaining; students who have eligible, documented disabilities and are registered with the Student Disability Services Office under the Americans with Disabilities Act; and veterans qualify for early registration.

Students who are eligible received an email directly from the Office of the Registrar notifying them of their eligibility and the exact date and time that they become eligible to register.  For the full list of registration dates and times, click here.

Students with Early Registration will be prompted to enter a PIN when accessing the add/drop classes menu once their registration time has opened. 

PINs are assigned for early registration eligible students based on student population and classification.  Classification for early registration is calculated using earned credits:

Seniors (90+ earned credits), Graduate Students, P3, P2, O3, O2, A2: 111111

Juniors (60+ earned credits), P1, O1, A1: 222222

Sophomores (30+ earned credits): 333333

First-Year Students (0+ earned credits): 444444


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