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J-Term Travel Course Registration

Application and Registration Process

Students interested in registering for a J-Term travel course should submit an application to their desired program through Terra Dotta, Drake's application and database system for study abroad.

**Students should not attempt to register for the seminar in MyDUSIS.  Rather, students initiate the registration process by applying for a program in Terra Dotta.  See Procedure section below.

Students may apply to no more than two programs and will not be accepted into more than one program.

Cost information and acceptance criteria will be listed in Terra Dotta and may vary by seminar. 

The Global Engagement Office will review students' applications, accept eligible students based on each program's acceptance criteria, and notify each applicant whether their application was approved or denied.

Students will be registered automatically in MyDUSIS by the Office of the Registrar once they have committed (in Terra Dotta) to the program to which they have been accepted. Global Engagement will explain the students' next steps, including payment information.

Students, faculty, and staff who have questions about the application/registration process may contact Global Engagement at or 515-271-2084.



  1. On the Terra Dotta web site, choose your desired travel course.
  2. Click on the program that interests you.
  3. To apply to the program, click the Apply Now button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Once you submit the necessary materials for your application, staff will review your application and ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for travel courses and the course itself.  (See Eligibility section below.)
    • If you are eligible and a seat is available for you, your application status will be updated to "Accepted."
    • If you are eligible but a seat is not available for you, your application status will be updated to "Wait Listed."
    • If you are not eligible for the course, your application status will be updated to "Not Accepted."
  5. If you are accepted and wish to claim the available seat, it is your responsibility to update your application status in Terra Dotta to "Committed" by the specified deadline.  You also will be responsible for submitting the non-refundable $500 travel deposit to secure your seat in the class.
  6. Once you have "Committed" and paid your travel deposit, the Office of the Registrar will officially register you for the course.  From that point, it will appear on your class schedule.


  1. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  2. Students must have no major conduct issues.
  3. Students cannot be first-year students (those admitted directly from high school in the summer or fall of 2021).
  4. Students must meet specific requirements for the particular class (eg, "English majors only," "juniors and seniors only," etc.).
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