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DMACC Courses Excluded from Cross-Enrollment

No Drake student will be allowed to cross-enroll* in any class that meets any of the following conditions:

  • Any course that is 4 credits** or more, or
  • Any course in which two Drake or Grand View students already are cross-enrolled (i.e. 2 Drake students, 2 Grand View students, or 1 Drake and 1 Grand View student) or
  • Any subject code that appears in the table below
Subject Code
Subject Name
AGV Agriculture - Vet Tech
ATC Auto Tech CAP (Chrysler)
AUT Automotive Technology
AVM Aviation Maintenance
CAD Computer Aided Drafting
CET Civil Engineering Technology
CNA Certified Nurse Aide
DEA Dental Assistant
DHY Dental Hygiene
DSL Diesel
EMS Emergency Medical Service
FIR Fire Science
HCM Hospitality, Culinary & Management
HSC Health Science
IND Industrial Technology
MFG Manufacturing
MLT Medical Lab Technology
MOR Mortuary Science
NET Computer Networking
PHB Phlebotomy
PHR Pharmacy Technology
PNN Practical Nursing
RCP Respiratory Therapy
SUR Surgical Technology
TEL Telecommunications Technology
VIN Viticulture & Enology
WAT Water Environmental Technology
WEL Welding
WTT Wind Energy & Turbine Technology

*Students who wish to register for these classes may still do so as a "regular" DMACC student and should contact DMACC directly to apply/register.

**Tuition for credits in excess of 3 will be the student's responsibility.

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