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Grand View Cross-Enrollment


  1. Pre-Registration Planning: Students who are interested in cross-enrolling should discuss their intentions with their advisor prior to registering for their Drake classes.
    • Students should ensure that the Grand View class will be acceptable toward their degree program.
    • Students should ensure that the Grand View class is available for cross-enrollment. Cross-enrollment in nursing or education courses is subject to approval by the respective department.
    • Students should review Grand View's semester start & end dates, deadlines, and policies. They might not be the same as those at Drake.
    • Cross-enrollment is not guaranteed, so students should have a back-up plan in case they cannot cross-enroll successfully.
  2. Registration at Drake: Before requesting to cross-enroll, students should register at Drake as usual.
  3. Submit a Tuition Waiver at the Office of the Registrar: Once students are registered full-time at Drake for the semester in which they wish to cross-enroll, they should complete the online cross-enrollment tuition waiver. This waiver does not guarantee the student's cross-enrollment, however it does verify the student's eligibility and must delivered to Grand View to complete the registration process. The waiver is the student's ticket to cross-enroll. Students should be prepared to list the following information on the tuition waiver:
    • Subject
    • Course number
    • Section number of the class in which they wish to cross-enroll
  4. Be Patient
    • Drake will send the completed tuition waivers to Grand View. Only waivers that have provided valid subject, course number, and course reference number will be sent.
    • Grand View will attempt to register each student individually for the course listed on the tuition waiver. Forms will be processed in the order in which they were submitted to Drake.
    • If the registration is successful, Grand View will email the student with further instructions. Retention of this information is strongly suggested.
  5. Follow-Up: Students are responsible for establishing and maintaining a connection with Grand View.
    • Obtain Grand View ID number, log-in information, email address, etc.
    • Pay any technology or other fees at Grand View.  These fees are not covered in the tuition.
    • Obtain books and materials for the Grand View class.
    • Attend and participate in the Grand View class.
  6. End-of-Term Wrap-Up: After final grades have been submitted, Drake and Grand View will exchange official transcripts for the cross-enrolled students.
    1. Cross-enrolled students will not need to submit a request to have their Grand View transcript sent to Drake. Grand View will do this automatically.
    2. Check whether your credits have been posted to your Drake record by viewing your unofficial transcript.
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