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DMACC Cross-Enrollment Conditions

Guidelines and Conditions

  • The cross-enrollment sign-up procedure does not guarantee enrollment at DMACC. It merely validates the students' eligibility for the program.
  • Cross-enrollment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must follow the proper procedure to secure cross-enrollment status for each semester that they would like to cross-enroll.
  • The rules and requirements, policies, semester start and end dates, and other deadlines set forth by DMACC might be different than those at Drake. Cross-enrolled students are responsible for knowing and complying with DMACC's policies and dates.
  • To enroll in a math course at DMACC, the student must provide proof of an appropriate ALEKS math assessment score or successful completion of the prerequisite course. The assessment score or prerequisite course must have been completed in the previous 18 months.  For more information, please go to: 
  • All students are required to pay DMACC's technology fee. Only the tuition is covered with Cross Enrollment.
  • Maximums
    • No more than two (2) cross-enrolled students from either Drake or Grand View may be enrolled in a single section of an eligible DMACC course.  (For example, either 2 Drake students, 2 Grand View students, or 1 Drake and 1 Grand View student in a specific CRN of SPC 101.)  If more than two Drake students wish to cross-enroll in the same section, preference will be given according to the order in which the tuition waivers were submitted.
    • No more than 75 Drake students may cross-enroll at DMACC per semester.
    • An eligible student may cross-enroll in only one course at DMACC or Grand View per semester.
    • Students may enroll in a maximum of three credits per semester at DMACC.
    • Students are responsible for tuition for all credits in excess of three.
  • Cross-enrollment status will be finalized by DMACC and Drake five business days before the start of DMACC's semester. No cross-enrollment changes, other than drops, may be made after this point.
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